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  • On-Field, 1-on-1

    This dedicated 75-minute session is your opportunity to share with Coach Longshore what you would like to work on and have him custom tailor an on-field workout to meet your training goals. This intimate setting with Coach’s eyes assessing your every movement will generate immediate feedback and actionable individual instruction.


    These sessions will be filmed and viewed by Coach Longshore, in which he will voice-over the critical coaching points of the session for your review. If you are looking to fast-track the development process, this is most certainly the way to go. Includes a broad range of focus covering any number of Quarterback skill sets.

    Classroom, 1-on-1

    You are more than how high you can jump or how fast you can run. Taking your game to new levels requires a mental edge. With the advances of modern technology, you now have the ability to get large numbers of reps, from the actual quarterback perspective, while getting expert instruction.


    Coach Longshore has used his NFL and Collegiate playbooks to create a comprehensive Quarterback curriculum that will give you an undeniable edge against the opponent. Learn advanced concepts and instantly get to experience them in action. These realistic reps in virtual reality will effectively lower your anxiety levels associated with uncertainty, and increase your response time, thus maximizing your ability to reach and maintain peak performance.


    Come use the same technology Coach Longshore has implemented at the NFL and College level and be prepared to study as there will be take home assignments.

    On-Field, Small Group

    This is your chance to get out on the field and let it rip. Go through organized drills, including live reads and targets, with a focus on delivering the ball on time, with accuracy.


    Quarterbacks are encouraged to throw along side other Quarterbacks. The benefits of training with other QBs provides the opportunity to take note of what each other is doing well, also having the chance to observe the coaching points others are receiving. It is a natural setting to bring a competitive feel to a controlled practice environment.


    Execute Proper Fundamentals in a Structured Workout
    Perfect The Natural Bio-mechanics of a Powerful Throw

    Improve Accuracy While Reacting and Reading

    Sessions Filmed for Review and Progress Tracking
    Throwing Under Different Context

    On The Run, Load-n-Throw, Hitch-n-Throw

    Classroom & Online, Small Group

    This is a small group, “chalk talk” style class using the latest collegiate and pro film to cover all aspects and concepts in football. Learn the difference between an “Over” and “Under” front, where to attack the defense when they try to run Tampa 2 on 3rd and 12, and so on.


    Playing Quarterback is one of the toughest positions in all of athletics. It requires an enormous amount of focus on the smallest of details, while processing multiple factors, in a matter of seconds. It is one of the few positions in sports that has a significant impact on the performance of a team.


    Be prepared to lead your team to victory by preparing in all aspects. The classroom is fast becoming the new quarterback “office” as defenses and offenses evolve and require even more processing power from the QB. Don’t be left behind wondering what could have been if only you knew more.


    Terms, Fronts, Coverages, Pressures, Types of Reads and More


    On-Field, Group

    Quarterback specific movement training will make you a better passer. This footwork class will focus on improving the quickness and efficiency of your in-game movements, making you a more dynamic QB.


    No quarterback loves to do footwork, but look at all the greats, and being able to execute the necessary QB movements with efficiency is critical. Training speed and agility is an absolute necessity, but additional special attention is needed to perfect the required footwork needed to be successful.


    In many ways, the drop is the simplest part of Quarterback fundamentals. It is pretty straight forward with emphasis on quickness and seeing the field, but that all changes the second the Quarterback plants his dominant foot and works toward the line of scrimmage to throw the football. At that moment all of the variables that defenses bring come into play. It is at that moment where a QB’s ability to execute his footwork under pressure will determine his long-term success at the position.

    On-Field, Group

    Focuses on improving QB arm strength, power and health; designed to address the deficiencies and asymmetries developed over time. Take your arm health seriously and develop the strength needed to add that extra velocity you have been looking for.


    With all the throwing demands placed on the modern QB, what steps are you taking to ensure the health and longevity of your arm? Over time, all those reps need to be balanced out with specific, targeted exercises to prevent long term damage and chronic pain. Stay out ahead of the demands and use this class as a Pre-hab and Regen opportunity for the rigors of your craft.


    Additionally, these exercises will serve to develop a more stable and powerful throwing shoulder. Obviously there are many muscle groups at work while using kinesthetic sequencing to exert maximum force on the ball and we will focus on each part of this timing chain. Learn how to activate your larger, more powerful muscles while still keeping that whip to your release. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, this class will make your arm a real asset.

    Submit Film & Questionnaire

    This proprietary 64-Point evaluation process has been sought and reviewed by scouts and recruiters. Our evaluation accounts for and includes all areas related to playing Quarterback. Feedback can be a catalyst for improvement and with an honest diagnostic from experts, we are confident this is a valuable tool to serious developing athletes.


    Some areas of evaluation


    Physical Attributes


    Arm Strength




    Mental Attributes

    Football IQ


    Work Ethic


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    Ben Longshore

    Quarterback Coach

    Coach Ben Longshore had a very celebrated career as a player, including time at Utah State, Dixie State, and College of the Canyons. Ben also led his high school team, Canyon HS, to the first-ever California Open Division State Championship, beating De La Salle in the final.

    Rachelle Blinoff-Mudd

    Athletic Trainer + Bio-Mechanics Expert

    Rachelle brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to the ALLQBS family. With her background serving as a certified athletic trainer, Rachelle is well equipped to provide detailed evaluations

    and programming to help clients reach peak

    rotational performance.

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