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QB Challenge - Cover 1 Free

I am impressed with yesterday's participation in our QB Challenge. 8 guys provided answers that showed they knew what they were looking for, within just a few minutes of each other, very cool.

This is a detailed explanation of our latest QB Challenge. QB Challenges are hosted on our Instagram a few times a week, click the photo above to link directly to our account.

1. What Coverage is this?
2. Man or Zone?
3. Which defender Blitzes/Dogs?
4. Which defender is responsible for giving up this TD?

1. This is Cover 1 Free. To get real specific, this is a 4-3 Over Boss S/N6 Cover 1 Free. What does all that mean? Starting off, the front is a 4-3 Over, based on the where the defensive line are aligned. Boss is a term used to adjust the LBs an addition gap towards the strong side. S/N 6 refers to the pressure, it tells us who, "Sam=S" or "Nickel=N", and where "The 6 Gap". Remember, defense has to be focused on gap control, they will always have specific responsibilities, it's not just a free for all out there.  Cover 1 tells me that there will be 1 Safety Deep, with Man-to-Man coverage underneath. That leaves 1 defender unaccounted for, and that is where the "Free" comes in. Free in Cover 1 Free means the extra man is a "Free" rusher, its S/N 6, there will be no additional help underneath for the man defenders. Contrast this with a Cover 1 "Robber", that tells me there will be an extra player, the Rover, robbing the hole zone.

2. Its a Man Coverage. And you can get an idea Pre-Snap based on the alignments of the LBs, they are clearly relating to the Man they are responsible for in coverage. In man coverage, they must account for your maximum number of eligible receivers, which in most cases, is going to be 5.


3. The pressure defender is from the Sam(Strongside Outside Linebacker) position but depending on Personnel, this could be a Nickel. A Nickel describes the DB type player that the defense substitutes into the game at LB to better match up with your receivers. This is seen often when offenses run a lot of multiple receiver sets, it doesn't make sense for them to keep having their slower LB on your fast receiver. In this example, his body type looks much more like a DB than a LB, so I'd lean more towards this being a Nickel.

4. It is Man-to-Man and the Corner gets beat, that is easy to see. But that is a very tough route to cover, especially if that receiver has some gifted speed. The Free Safety has to give him a little more help over the top, that is his responsibility in this defense. Seems to me the the FS gets caught looking at the slot PostOver and loses track of the outside receiver.

Winners listed, please DM me your shirt sz and mailing address, thanks for dropping some #knowledge. @coach_cwhite, @conormiller7, @qbpete, @aryan.talla, @Lukestewart_7, @michaelcurtisQB, @areyoumalik_, @noahklimp

Until next time...

Coach Nate Longshore

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