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QB Challenge - Pure Progression

This is a detailed explanation of our latest QB Challenge. QB Challenges are hosted on our Instagram a few times a week, click the photo above to link directly to our account.

Context - Boot plays like this should always be read as Pure Progressions, keep this in mind when answering the questions.

1. What is the main reason we will read this as a pure progression?
2. Who is your 1st option as you come out of the fake?
3. When would you take the deep post?
4. Who/what is your last option?

Now, the perfect answer goes something like this...

1. This, and most other Mis-Direction plays where your back is to the L.O.S, are going to be Pure Progression reads because you can't see the defense. As you come around on the fake, it's going to read; #1➡️ #2➡️ #3➡️ #4, simply thinking, is he open = hit em', if not = move on.

2. The flat is going to be the first read every time. This high % ball easily picks up 8-10 yards and often times much more. Any time you can get the ball to your guy, in space, that's a big win. If the defense gives this to you, take it EVERY TIME.

3. Don't even think about throwing that post. You have to complete the play action in the backfield, the post is breaking across your body, there is never a time this is a good idea... I guess, if a defender falls down or they blow the coverage... but let's not bank on that. Make your life easier, ignore this temptation.

4. After you peek back at your flat on the sideline, to see if his defender left him as your eyes wondered through your progression, your last option is to get what YOU can with your legs. Pick up some yards if you are a capable runner, or throw it away if your speed is pedestrian like mine. But, don't take a sack! There is an old saying, "The defense gets paid too." Sometimes they do a good job and offensively a net zero is a good play... We can win with that.

Congrats to @bigwright2, DM me your shirt size and mailing address. You were very quick and decisive and had the right idea, ✊

Until Next Time...

-Coach Nate Longshore

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