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QB Challenge - Throwing Mechanics

There are many ways to throw the football, know the fundamentals

Instagram QB Challenge Details - Throwing Mechanics

@allqbs QB Challenge, watch these 2 very highly paid $$$ QBs, then answer me this...

1.Who's motion do you prefer?
2. 5 reasons why you prefer that motion? Its easy to name a couple, the answer with the best 5... wins!


@chighhouse1215 Rodgers 1.) Rodgers doesn't bring ball down on takeaway 2.) Rodgers finishes with full extension. 3.) Rodgers keeps feet under body and doesn't get too wide 4.) Rodgers keeps left elbow tucked in close to body and drives it back to engage core 5.) Rodgers stays on top of the ball unlike cutler who is under it which causes the nose of the ball to point up

Now let's dive into this and really break down what we are looking at. Its easy to take a quick look at this and say, "Rodgers' release is just so much quicker" or "Just count the rings", etc but obviously these guys both made it to the highest level and deservedly so, Cutler can really throw the pill, he's a true Gunslinger.

I really liked a lot of the answers on Instagram, there was a lot of insight and some opposing views, which are healthy. Its good to have an open forum to share ideas and take stock in what other's see.

Starting with @chighhouse1215's answer, Rodgers is the preferred motion here.

1.) He does not bring the ball down during the takeaway, this gives a much quicker release, and it also allows him to be more reactive as a QB. Another thing to account for with his lack of wasted motion is his high execution efficiency. This means - the likelihood he is going to be able to perfectly duplicate his optimal motion under stress? His motion is so simple and compact, he has eliminated variables in his chain of movement, allowing for high execution efficiency.

2.) It is true that Rodgers' finishes with full extension, but to be honest I think Cutler's extension is very good too. Where they differ is the shoulder rotation which makes Rodgers' seem better. Notice the shoulder exchange on the finish, Rodgers' throwing shoulder is clearly in front of the left. This will put velocity on the ball without using much of the arm. Cutler's arm talent is world class, if he were to consistently implement full rotation, it would be unreal.

3.) Rodgers does do a good job of keeping his feet under his body. Having this be the default will undoubtedly help you as a football player, not necessarily as a thrower. But, since we are all QBs here, this is important because there will be a pass rush and you will be working in small spaces at some point. If you are comfortable operating in a "phone booth" you will be unfazed by the small pocket and a limited amount of room to throw the ball. If you rely on a big, long stride to generate power, what is going to happen when you don't have the luxury of unlimited 7on7 space?

4.) Rodgers does a good job with his lead arm, it is a simple and natural move allowing him to easily get rotation. Cutler's lead arm does a good job mirroring during the take away and then just kind of dies off as his rotation gets about mid way. His poor rotation and his lead arm are definitely connected, if he were to get more comfortable getting that lead arm up and out of the way, consistent rotation would be easier.

5.)I think Cutler's not being on top of the ball is a little misleading in this example. It appears Cutler is putting a little touch on the ball here, so his chest angle is a little higher than Rodgers'. What we can look at to be sure, is where the elbow is in relation to the shoulder as the ball releases. If you look closely, at the point of release, both of their elbows are about ear height, which is optimal for throwing a football. When the elbow drops down even, or below the shoulder, you lose quite a bit of power and are most likely headed for some severe arm pain. A good drill to combat this is to throw over something right in front of you, think of it as lineman, and your

body will make the natural adjustments.

Another thing mentioned by other users that I thought needed to be addressed, weight transfer. Typically poor weight transfer manifests in a QB looking like he is falling away. As your arm gets stronger, you can often times get away with this. Look at where Rodgers' weight starts and finishes, with a clear transfer towards his target. With Cutler, his weight never really get past half way. Again, Cutler has the arm strength to get away with it, but if he added some simple fundamentals, he'd be off the charts.

With all this said, there are many ways to get the ball to the open man, keep the chains moving, and score TDs. Philip Rivers hasn't had his record breaking career by accident, he is a very good Quarterback with an unorthodox motion, but it works. Know the fundamentals and master what works best for you.

There is so much more to playing QB than just throwing but it helps to have a road-map in all aspects.

Until next time...

-Coach Nate Longshore

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